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How to Turn ON Restricted Mode in TikTok on iPhone and Android

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How to Turn ON Restricted Mode in TikTok on iPhone and Android

 I’ll walk you through how to activate restricted mode in TikTok on iPhone and Android in this tutorial. Everyone in the modern world is aware that TikTok has become one of the most popular trending apps. People frequently only utilise it for fun. And individuals can become famous worldwide by posting a 15-second video on the platform. Additionally, even young children use TikTok to surf through videos and create quick videos just for fun. But as of late, we’ve run into some issues with minors. As you are aware, the variety and quality of information or videos have expanded as daily user numbers have increased. So, regrettably, the publication of several violent and adult-oriented time. As a result, activating the restricted mode is now simpler and more convenient.

From any perspective, there is nothing more essential than raising children. TikTok offers certain kid-friendly features, one of which is the ability to activate the restricted mode, which implies preventing violent clips for youngsters. The TikTok app provided and created Restricted Mode capabilities for the users in order to limit and filter content that may not be appropriate for minors and other audiences in the interest of safety for children and others who are not mature. Here is a quick guide on how to activate Restricted Mode on TikTok for iPhone and Android.

What is Restricted Mode?

Every app and device supports maximum restricted mode. It is one of the greatest and most practical options because it will prevent you from viewing stuff that you may like to avoid or don’t want other members of your family to come across while using TikTok or other applications intended for users under the age of 18.

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How to Turn ON Restricted Mode in TikTok on iPhone and Android

  • You must open or activate the TikTok app in the first step whether you are using an iPhone or an Android device.
  • You must tap on the Me button from the bottom of the right side when it displays. You must touch on the Three Dots in the top right corner to access your profile.
  • When you tap on that, a new screen will appear. You must select the Restricted Mode option, which is the second choice on the screen, when you see two selections there.
  • The restricted mode screen will then appear. The Turn On Restricted Mode button, which is at the bottom of the screen, must be tapped.
  • TikTok will inquire for additional safety to input a 4-digit password so that the restricted mode cannot be turned off by anyone. You won’t be able to turn on if you don’t input the password. Enter your preferred password as a result, and then be sure to select the Arrow option.

This concludes our discussion of how to activate restricted mode in TikTok for iPhone and Android. While using something, we must always be aware of children’s safety. Therefore, the restricted mode is really helpful and the best feature in terms of kid protection. So, it was just a few easy steps, and I hope they were helpful to you. Therefore, feel free to comment below if you have any questions or encountered any issues. Don’t forget to add a remark to your suggestions and feedback.

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