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How to Set an Alarm on Mac 5 Ways

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How to Set an Alarm on Mac 5 Ways

To get folks out of bed in the past, they would set an alarm on their watches or clocks. But in today’s technologically advanced world, any devices or operating systems can perform any task. Today, everyone uses their gadgets to set alarms to remind themselves to do their work, which is a great idea. Or the finest and most popular alarm-setting strategy is to wake you up on time. You will find instructions on 5 ways to set an alarm on a Mac in this post.

1.Set an Alarm With Apple Calendar

  1. You must first access the calendar. There are several ways to do this, but one is to just hold down the Command key while pressing the Space bar to start Spotlight and search for it.
  2. Now click on the Plus icon in the top left corner of Calendar when it opens on your Mac. After giving the alarm a name, choose a time for it, such as 4:40 on Monday, and then press the Return key. You will finally notice that the Calendar has already created that event. Simply choose Alerts and click on any of the choices in the popup here.
  3. If you need to set an alarm for a future date, simply double-click. then choose the timing for that event on that Date.
  4. If you wish to remove the event’s alarm, right-click the date and then choose Delete.
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2.Set an Alarm Via Kuku Klok

  1. Use any browser to access
  2. Now, Hours and Minutes include plus and minus buttons on either side. Simply select the timer by clicking Plus.
  3. Once the time has been selected, choose an alarm sound next.
  4. After finishing, click Set Alarm.

Note: You must keep in mind that if you close the browser after setting an alarm, the alarm will not go off.

3.Use Reminders App to Set an Alarm

  1. On your Mac, open the Reminders app.
  2. Tap the Plus icon in the top right corner once the app has been loaded.
  3. Then give the event a name, click the I button, and then select the On a Day checkbox.
  4. After choosing the time and date for your alarm and event, click Done.

4.Set an Alarm With the Siri

As everyone is aware, Siri is a voice assistant that performs your tasks. The majority of people use Siri on iPhones, but it is also accessible for Mac. Now, all you have to do to set an alarm on your Mac is say Hey Siri, set an alarm, and then specify the alarm’s day and hour.

5.Set an Alarm Using Third-Party App

  1. Open the app on your Mac, then choose the timer from the area labelled “Alarm time” on the right side.
  2. Find and choose the sound you want when you set the alarm.
  3. Finally, if you wish to stop the alarm, click the dot in the lower left corner.

Final Words

The topic at hand was “5 Mac Alarm Setting Methods” (macOS Ventura). By setting an alarm for the occasion, you might be able to avoid being late and be at your destination on time. Only a small percentage of individuals use their clocks to set alarms. I’m confident that this post showed you how to easily set an alarm on your Mac. I’ve given you five simple techniques; please let me know if you know of any others. If so, please do so in the comment area.

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