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How to Schedule Emails on iPhone and iPad [2022]?

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How to Schedule Emails on iPhone and iPad [2022]?

 How to Schedule Emails on iPhone and iPad is explained in this post. You might wish to schedule an email to be delivered later rather than right away for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want to ensure that a person you work with receives your email at a certain time rather than sending it to him at dusk since you work with them in a different time zone. The best strategy to send emails at the appropriate time in these circumstances is to schedule them. You must read this article if you want to schedule emails. So let’s get started without further ado.

Send Later Using Apple Mail

  1. First, launch the Mail app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Now select Compose from the top left menu.
  3. Next, input anything you wish while also typing the recipient’s Gmail address.
  4. Press the Up Arrow in the bottom right corner once you have finished writing everything.
  5. You can choose from any of the available schedules here.
  6. Finally, select Send Later and then enter the desired custom timetable.

How to Check the Scheduled Mails

  1. Visit the Mail app to view the scheduled emails.
  2. Press the Mailboxes button.
  3. Tap the Send Later button now.
  4. Finally, you will receive every email that was planned.

Final Words

How to Schedule Emails on iPhone and iPad was the main topic. I really hope this article helps you schedule emails. You will learn something valuable from this essay. This was a step-by-step explanation of the topic you were looking for. Additionally, this is the best location for you to quickly find a solution to your issue. I hope that after doing these actions, you won’t encounter any issues. However, if you ran across any issues or have any recommendations, please remark.

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