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How To Play PUBG Mobile on PC without BlueStacks

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How To Play PUBG Mobile on PC without BlueStacks

 As you are all aware, PUBG is a brand-new, popular, and trendy mobile game that is adored by many gamers. This online multiplayer survival game is played with other players. It was initially only available for computers and Xbox. Its smartphone version, however, debuted late last year in China and is rumoured to be coming shortly to North America. As a result, a lot of gamers are really enthusiastic. Many players, nevertheless, would prefer to play it on a larger screen. Fortunately, there are numerous answers to this issue. You will discover how to play PUBG Mobile on PC without BlueStacks in this article. In order to play PUBG on your computer with a mouse, you must adhere to a few simple tips keyboard, too.

Similar to how these games’ popularity. The player now wants to use a mouse and keyboard to play PUBG Mobile on a computer. because pressing on the cellphone screen while playing PUBG Mobile is quite difficult. As a result, playing PUBG Mobile on a computer will be more enjoyable. Additionally, it will provide you more gaming control. and triumph in every game. You will appreciate playing in high definition and on a larger screen.

How To Play PUBG Mobile on PC without BlueStacks

System Requirement:

The game PUBG Mobile is simple. So, a powerful gaming setup is not necessary. But you can play PUBG Mobile in HD definition and with a simple Dual Core system. Look at the system requirements before installing PUBG mobile on a PC.

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  • CPU: Dual-core AMD or Intel, running at 1.8 GHz
  • GPU: ATI / AMD Radeon HD2600 / 3600, NVIDIA GeForce 8600 / 9600GT.
  • 3 GB of memory
  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7
  • a 9.0c version of DirectX
  • 1 GB of free space for storage

Download PUBG Mobile on PC.

To Download PUBG Mobile on your computer. You only require Tencent Gaming Buddy, a simple piece of software.

Install PUBG Mobile:

  1. After downloading, if you choose to run the programme file, you will see a screen. similar to PUBG Mobile on a PC. There are two buttons there. Install is the first. Customize is the second option. You must select Install.
  2. When you click “Install,” a window will appear. It’ll require some time. Additionally, a new Screen with the Start button will appear. Therefore, you must click on it.

The PUBG mobile for PC installation process will now begin. So keep in mind that the length of the installation will vary depending on your internet connection. if the rate is rapid. The installation will thereafter be finished quickly.


So, that was the most effective hack and simple method for playing PUBG mobile on a computer without BlueStacks. I sincerely hope you enjoy the game. Visit our website frequently for the best tech learning resources. I appreciate you visiting my webpage.

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