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How to Make Your Twitter Account Private?

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How to Make Your Twitter Account Private?

 You’ve come to the right place if you’ve chosen to keep your Twitter account private and have arrived here. Where you would typically find the answer to your question about the article. You will find instructions on How to Make Your Twitter Account Private in this article.

There are a variety of reasons why you could use social networking. It might be used by people to share their pictures or movies. On the other hand, some people just use social networking sites to communicate with their family members. One of them that the majority of people use to share their activities or views about anything is Twitter. Additionally, half of them are used for socialising with friends or family.

Once you If you make your Twitter account private, any shared tweets become private. and only those who have followed you will be able to see it. Your followers can everyone view your tweets, but you can also choose to only let certain people see them.

You may be familiar with Twitter and either use it today or have in the past. You can advertise your products on Twitter to gain more followers. People can share their daily activities without pushing your items. You can also refer to tweets on Twitter as brief messaging. If you have a Twitter account and follow any celebrities, you may always read the ideas they’ve posted. Also, you will be aware regarding the current news events.

How to Make Your Twitter Account Private on Desktop

  1. Go to after first opening whichever browser you like.
  2. As soon as you’ve logged in, click More from the left side of the screen, then choose Settings & Privacy.
  3. Tap on Audience and Tagging after going to Privacy and Safety.
  4. Next, select the Protect Your Tweets checkbox.
  5. Lastly, select Protect.
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How to Make Your Twitter Account Private on Mobile

  1. Launch the Twitter app on your device.
  2. Select Privacy and Safety by clicking on your Profile in the top left corner of the page.
  3. Click on the Audience and Tagging when you want to remain anonymous and safe.
  4. Now enable the Protect Your Tweets toggle.

Final Words

How to Make Your Twitter Account Private was the main topic. I hope this helped you solve the issue of keeping your account private. You will learn something valuable from this essay. This was a step-by-step explanation of the information you were looking for. Additionally, this is the best location for you to quickly find a solution to your issue. I hope that after doing these actions, you won’t encounter any issues. However, if you ran across any issues or have any recommendations, please remark.

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