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How to Hide Online Status on Instagram

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How to Hide Online Status on Instagram

 The most well-liked and useful app is Instagram. Additionally, you can use it daily. You can check his last seen while messaging a friend or member of your family. In essence, you can tell whether he is online or not and what time he is online. You may view someone’s last seen or if they are online or offline when you follow them or they follow you. I successfully uncovered a simple method for concealing your online presence. Nevertheless, let’s get started right now. You may learn How to Hide Online Status on Instagram from this article.

Consequently, Instagram debuted on October 6, 2010. The true creator of Kevin Systrom is Instagram. Using the mobile app Instagram, you can capture, edit, and share images and videos. Additionally, your loved ones can follow you on Instagram to view your photos and videos. Additionally, you can follow your loved ones, famous people, and athletics. You can decide who is allowed to read your posts by making your account private or making your posts public for anyone to see. The majority of people use Instagram these days since it allows you to submit high-quality pictures.

How to Hide Online Status on Instagram

  1. You must first launch Instagram.
  2. Go to your profile by selecting it in the top right corner.
  3. Additionally, click the Three lines.
  4. Click the Setting instead.
  5. Additionally, select Privacy.
  6. Click on the Activity Status after that.
  7. You have reached the final step, therefore disable Show Activity Status.
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Bottom line

It was all about Instagram Online Status Hide. Here is a step-by-step guide to online status concealment. I hope this post has given you some insight into online status. As a result, if you have any problems or suggestions, please share them in the comment section below.

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