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How to Get Twitter App on Apple Watch

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How to Get Twitter App on Apple Watch

One of the most popular Apple products among consumers is Apple Watch. You can do a variety of things with the Apple Watch, including chatting, calling, and listening to music. Although you can’t install some applications on your Apple Watch, you can still get notifications from them. Twitter is one of the apps that you can’t use on the Apple Watch.

Unfortunately, the app was permanently removed from the Apple Watch in 2017 when Twitter released a new version (v 7.8). However, you may still use the Chirp for Twitter third-party software to get notifications on your watch.

How to Get Twitter on your Apple Watch

  1. Enter the App Store after unlocking your iPhone.
  2. For Twitter, enter Chirp in the search box.
  3. To install the app, choose it from the search results and press Get.
  4. Next, open the iPhone’s Chirp for Twitter app.
  5. Log in using your Twitter credentials.
  6. The same app may be installed on your Apple Watch.
  7. Connect your Twitter account to the Chrip for Twitter watch app.

How to Turn on Twitter Notifications on your Apple Watch

  1. Get your iPhone’s Twitter app open. Install an app from the App Store if you don’t already have one.
  2. Use the required information to log into your Twitter account.
  3. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then go to the notifications tab.
  4. The Notification Indicator should be turned on.
  5. Locate Twitter from the list by scrolling down. Activate Twitter’s notification setting.

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