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How to Get and Watch DirecTV Stream on Roku

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How to Get and Watch DirecTV Stream on Roku

 Only in the US and its regions is DirecTV Stream available after being rebranded as AT&T TV. Users can access a vast library of on-demand movies, TV shows, documentaries, series, and more. You may immediately install DirecTV Stream on a Roku TV and get your favourite programming.

DirecTV Stream Pricing



  • Entertainment$69.99 65+
  • Choice$89.99 90+
  • Ultimate $104.99 130+
  • Premier $149.99 140+

How to Get DirecTV Stream on Roku

  1. Navigate the Roku home screen using the remote and choose Streaming Channels.
  2. Select Search Channels after that.
  3. Using the virtual keyboard, type DirecTV Stream into the search field and click it.
  4. To install, select +Add Channel.
  5. Additionally, choose OK to finish the procedure.

How to Watch DirecTV Stream

  • On your TV, start the DirecTV Stream channel.
  • Use the credentials to log into your account.

You can stream your preferred programming once you are on the DirecTV home page.

How to Cast DirecTV Stream on Roku [Android]

  1. First, join the WiFi network using your Roku TV.
  2. Make sure your smartphone is plugged into the same network as your Roku TV.
  3. Do a DirecTV app search in the Play Store.
  4. Press Install.
  5. Open the DirecTV app and log in using your credentials.
  6. Tap the Cast icon after sliding down to reveal the Notification Panel from the top.
  7. Pick your Roku TV from the provided selection of gadgets.
  8. Now, tap the video you want to watch on the DirecTV app, and it will play on your TV.
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How to AirPlay DirecTV on Roku [iOS/iPadOS]

  1. First, turn on Roku AirPlay.
  2. Next, open your iPhone’s App Store.
  3. To download the DirecTV app, search for it and select Get.
  4. Register an account.
  5. Tap the Screen Mirroring icon in Control Center after navigating there.
  6. Pick your Roku TV from the list of supported gadgets.
  7. Play the material, and the huge screen will display it.

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