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How to Eject USB from Chromebook

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How to Eject USB from Chromebook

 The majority of us input data to our devices via USBs, and occasionally we export data from the devices to external USBs. The data will become corrupt if the USB is removed while it is still in use. When copying data from a Chromebook to a USB drive and ejecting it abruptly, you run the risk of losing the data or copying corrupted or incomplete data. To prevent data loss, you must carefully detach the USB from the Chromebook.

Ejecting USB from Chromebook

  • Click Launcher on the home screen of your Chromebook (bottom left).
  • From the list of programmes, select Files.
  • The left navigation menu will display the external USB or SD card that you have connected.

  • Click the USB drive once more, then choose Eject device. The USB device will vanish, allowing you to securely eject it from the Chromebook’s port.

Using the shortcut keys Control+Shift+E, you can also eject the USB from the Chromebook.

What to do if you’re Unable to Eject the USB?

You might not have properly ejected the USB if the programme is still active in the background. Therefore, wait until the job is finished or close all open programmes before ejecting. Restarting the Chromebook will cure the problem if the USB is still visible.

Before using the USB on the Chromebook, you can use antivirus software to check it for infection in order to prevent these problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my USB not showing up on my Chromebook?

Make sure your USB is formatted properly first, then try inserting it into different devices. The USB should then be inserted into more ports to see if it functions properly. Update your Chromebook and see if the USB functions normally if nothing else.

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