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How to Delete Instacart Account Permanently

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How to Delete Instacart Account Permanently

 Instacart is a well-known grocery delivery and pickup service in the US. Instacart’s primary responsibility is to deliver the desired items to consumers’ doorsteps. You may even shop for food at your chosen retailers while still in your car.

Dairy products, meat, fish, pantry items, baked goods, fresh produce, and other commodities are all delivered by Instacart. You could occasionally become irritated if a delivery is delayed or if a store gives you expired goods. Contacting customer service will allow you to remove your account if you are unhappy with the Instacart service.

Deleting Instacart Account Using App

  1. Open the Instacart app on your device first.
  2. Click Account settings by tapping the Menu symbol (horizontal bars) in the top right corner.
  3. Then select Delete account from the Account details menu.

Your inbox will have an email containing information about your deletion request. Click on Confirm to continue with the deletion after opening the email.

Please note that you have seven business days to respond. If this doesn’t work, you might have to make another delete request.

Steps to Delete Instacart Account by Chat

  1. Open a browser and go to the Instacart Help website.
  2. On the Instacart Contact Us page, sign in next.
  3. Click My Account after that.
  4. Click I still need help under Account information.
  5. You’ll be taken to the Contact Us page as a result. To chat with us, click.
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You will be given access to a Chat support agent. By submitting the information for your Instacard account, request the deletion. Within 3 business days, your Instacart account will be terminated.

Delete Instacart Account through Call

  1. Call 1-888-246-782 for Instacart customer service and ask for account deactivation first.
  2. You must supply specific account-related information, such as your name, email address, and the cellphone number associated with the account, in order to remove it.
  3. Your account will be terminated together with the subscription after the account information has been validated. Additionally, Instacart will confirm the cancellation of your account to you.

Delete Instacard Account by Email

Activate your device’s default email programme.

In the recipient field, enter Next, specify Request for Instacart Account Deletion on the subject of deleting your Instacart account. Mention your account information, including your email address, phone number, etc., for reference.

  1. Within three business days, Instacart will remove your account, and you’ll get an email confirming it.
  2. Steps to Delete Instacart Shopper Account
  3. Tap the Question (?) symbol in the top right corner of the Shoppers app.

To get in touch with assistance, tap the support button on the right and select Chat, Schedule a Call, or Call Now.

Note: You can ask for deletion on the website as well. Log in at the Instacart Help page. Select Get Support under Shopper Support at the bottom, then click Contact under Shopper Help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cancel Instacart express?

Open the app to discontinue your Instacart Express subscription. To terminate your membership with Instacart Express, tap three horizontal dots, then choose to cancel again. Finally, select a justification for terminating the membership before clicking Cancel.

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How to cancel an Instacart subscription and get a refund?

You must terminate your membership within 15 days of your subscription in order to receive a refund, with the caveat that you would only be eligible for one if you hadn’t placed any orders during that 15 days.

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