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How to Connect & Pair AirPods Pro to a Windows 11?

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How to Connect & Pair AirPods Pro to a Windows 11?

 How to Connect & Pair AirPods Pro to a Windows 11 is covered in this post. On Windows 11, do you wish to connect and pair your AirPods Pro? If so, this post was written with you in mind. The AirPods are a pretty intriguing invention. The Apple firm is the manufacturer of all AirPods earphones that have been released. This new generation of Airpods is exclusively for Apple devices. Additionally, you may link your AirPods to a PC. If you have AirPods, you can pair and attach them to your PC in place of headphones. However, you must read this post if you want to connect and pair AirPods Pro to a Windows 11 PC.

Turn on the Bluetooth of your PC

  • You must first access the PC’s settings, or you can use a shortcut by pressing Win Key + I.
  • From the left, select Bluetooth & Device.
  • Finally, switch the Bluetooth toggle on.

Connect & Pair AirPods Pro

  • Start by holding down Windows + I to launch the Settings shortcut.
  • When the Settings window appears, navigate to Bluetooth & Device and select Add Device.
  • Select Bluetooth from the top menu.
  • Take the AirPods Pro carrying case and open the lid while holding the button on the case’s back. Once the white light starts to blink, keep holding the button.
  • Click on the name of your AirPods Pro when it appears after that.
  • You will see that the AirPods Pro are linked after clicking the Done button.
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How to Disconnect AirPods Pro From Windows 11

Go to the Bluetooth & Device section after opening the Settings. Your AirPods Pro’s Three Dots should be clicked before you hit the Disconnect button.

Bottom Line

How to Connect & Pair AirPods Pro to a Windows 11 was the main topic. I sincerely hope that this guide can help you link AirPods Pro to Windows 11. You will learn something valuable from this essay. You should come here to find an easy solution to your issue. I hope that after doing these actions, you won’t encounter any issues. Please leave a remark if you ran into any issues or have any recommendations.

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