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How to Chromecast Sky Go Using Smartphone & PC

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How to Chromecast Sky Go Using Smartphone & PC

 Sky Go is a streaming service that is accessible to users of Sky without charge. You may access more than 54 live Sky TV stations as well as a few on-demand shows with the Sky Go app. With built-in Chromecast connectivity, the Sky Go app for Android and iPhone can stream video to the bigger screen. Earlier, Chromecast wasn’t supported in the mobile versions. Later, the developer made the support available in order to greatly simplify the process.

How to Chromecast Sky Go Using Android and iPhone/iPad

  1. Your Google Chromecast should be connected to the TV’s HDMI port.
  2. Make sure that Chromecast and your smartphone or tablet are both connected to the same WiFi.
  3. On your smartphone, download the Sky Go app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  4. Launch the Sky Go app on your tablet or smartphone.
  5. Use the required login information to log into your Sky Go account.
  6. An symbol for Cast may be seen in the top right corner of the Sky Go app’s home page.
  7. On the Cast icon, click. The smartphone will look for nearby casting-capable devices.
  8. To connect, pick your Chromecast device from the list.
  9. You can play the necessary title to watch it on the TV as soon as the Sky Go logo shows on the TV screen.
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How to Chromecast Sky Go Using Chrome Browser

  1. Your Google Chromecast should be connected to the TV’s HDMI port.
  2. Connect your Chromecast to the same WiFi as your Windows or Mac.
  3. Go to the address bar in the Chrome browser after opening it.
  4. Open a new tab, navigate to the Sky Go official website, and log in using the required information.
  5. Click the three dots icon in the top right corner or use the right-click menu.
  6. Select “Cast” from the menu list. It will look for any accessible devices.
  7. Select the Cast Tab option after expanding the sources tab.
  8. Choose your Chromecast from the list of compatible devices.
  9. Play a video and view it on a TV that is Chromecast-enabled.

Troubleshooting Solutions for Sky Go Not Working With Chromecast

  1. Make sure the Chromecast and casting device are first connected to the same WiFi network.
  2. You must be using the most recent version of Android or iOS to use the Sky Go app that you installed.
  3. Maintain a current browser while using the web version so that it can quickly identify the Chromecast device.
  4. Every time there is an update, make sure you update your Chromecast’s firmware.
  5. Reset your Chromecast and attempt casting the Sky Go content if the problem is still there.
  6. In case none of the aforementioned fixes work, speak with Sky Go’s support staff and describe the problem.

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