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How to Chromecast DAZN Using Smartphone & Desktop

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How to Chromecast DAZN Using Smartphone & Desktop

 One of the top sports-related streaming services is DAZN. You may watch a variety of well-known athletic events using the app, including NFL, Football, MLS, Tennis, Boxing, Cricket, and much more. Users of iPhones and Androids can both download the DAZN app. The Smartphone app’s ability to cast content using Google Cast is its strongest feature. You can use that to cast sports programming from the DAZN app to a Chromecast or Chromecast-compatible television.

How Much Does Dazn Cost?

  • Monthly cost: $19.99
  • $149.99 annually

How to Cast DAZN to Chromecast

  1. Join your Chromecast to the TV’s HDMI port.
  2. Make that the Chromecast is linked to the same WiFi network as the casting device.
  3. A DAZN user account with a current subscription.

Chromecast DAZN Using Android & iPhone

  1. Get your smartphone’s DAZN app open.
  2. Sign in using the subscribed account.
  3. Now, click the Cast icon on the top right of the screen.
  4. Your Chromecast device will appear on the pop-up. Tap on it.
  5. When the casting is successful, choose any of the videos on DAZN. It will be cast to your TV through Chromecast.
  6. When you want to stop the casting, click the Cast icon once again and tap on the Stop Casting button.

Chromecast DAZN Using Chrome Browser

  1. Open the Chrome browser on your computer (Windows or Mac) and navigate to to access the DAZN website.
  2. On the screen’s upper right, click the Log In button.
  3. Enter the subscribed account’s login information.
  4. On the home page, simply right-click anywhere. There will be a selection of possibilities in a pop-up window. Select Cast from the menu.
  5. Your Chromecast will now show up. To cast the current tab by itself, select Cast Tab from the Sources drop-down menu.
  6. Next, select the Chromecast device and click “cast.”
  7. Play it right now to see it on TV on the DAZN website.

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