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How to Change Call Background in Samsung Phones (Android 12/13)?

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How to Change Call Background in Samsung Phones (Android 12/13)?

You must read this post if you wish to modify the background on which you receive calls. You will discover How to Change Call Background in Samsung Phones from this article.

The best operating system for customising anything that will make your phone more attractive is found in Samsung phones. You can receive a call after you’ve given your phone a new look and discover that the caller’s background is fairly straightforward. The Samsung Galaxy phones have a setting that you may completely customise and put your own preferred photographs or a brief video. It offers a simple guide so you won’t run into any issues.

How to Change Call Background in Samsung Phones

  • Open the Phone app first, then select Settings by tapping the Three Dots in the upper right corner.
  • Find and click on the Call Background after you have reached the call settings section.
  • At the bottom right, choose Background.
  • Then, if you already have them, you can choose from the available backdrops there, or you can click the Plus icon to select a background from your Gallery.
  • If you plan to play a video in the background, make sure it doesn’t last longer than 15 seconds. If it does, you can cut it and choose the appropriate portion. or decide on any image to use as the background.
  • Finally when you are finished choosing a call background, click Set As Call Background at the bottom of the page
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