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How to Cancel Telegraph Subscription in 4 Ways

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How to Cancel Telegraph Subscription in 4 Ways

 A British daily broadsheet newspaper known as The Daily Telegraph or The Telegraph, it is well-known throughout the world for its accurate news. Digital (£9.99 per month) and Digital Plus (£17.49 per month) are its two available subscription options. New users can try out both programmes for free for one month. You can get features like unlimited access, the most recent updates via the Telegraph app, Telegraph Extra, and more by subscribing to the premium version. You can always cancel your Telegraph subscription if you don’t have enough time or believe that it is not being used to its full potential.

How to Cancel Telegraph Subscription/Free Trial

You can cancel your Telegraph subscription in a few different ways. To cancel your membership online with Telegraph, call their toll-free number or go to their website. You must cancel it on the relevant smartphone if you signed up through Google Play or iTunes.

Cancel Telegraph Using Phone call

On your mobile device, you can easily cancel your subscription if you so want. To reach the Telegraph staff, use the toll-free number 03301 735 542 or 1300 696 397. When you contact, be sure to specify why you wish to cancel your subscription in detail. They will quickly cancel your subscription by doing this.

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Cancel Telegraph Online Via Website

  1. Check out the Telegraph website by launching your browser.
  2. Use the required information to log into your Telegraph account.
  3. Select the My Account option after logging in.
  4. Subscription information, Manage Subscription, and Cancel Subscription may all be found under My Account.
  5. To easily cancel your Telegraph membership, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Cancel Telegraph Using Amazon

  1. To begin, log in to your Amazon account using the app or web browser on a computer.
  2. Select the profile icon and select the Your Membership and Subscription option by scrolling down.
  3. It will list every subscription you have. Select Telegraph there, then click the Manage Subscription link that appears.
  4. Cancel the subscription by stating a good reason.

Cancel Telegraph Using Smartphone


  1. Access the Google Play Store.
  2. Toggle the Profile photo on.
  3. Select Subscriptions and Payments.
  4. Simply select Subscriptions.
  5. Select Telegraph, then deactivate the subscription.


  1. Click on your Apple ID in Settings.
  2. Select the Subscriptions menu item.
  3. Choose Telegraph.
  4. Select “Cancel Subscription” from the menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t cancel the Telegraph subscription?

After deleting your browser’s cookie and cache files, cancel your subscription. You can also cancel your subscription by calling customer service.

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