Govt to Add Transparency in Relief Aid Through Digital Dashboard

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Govt to Add Transparency in Relief Aid Through Digital Dashboard

 Donors of flood help around the nation have been unsure if their assistance is getting to the correct regions. For this reason, the government has made the decision to completely disclose all incoming and departing financial transactions made through the donation system, at least for the PM Flood Relief Fund.

The government will accomplish this by creating a digital dashboard that will educate the public about the donations that have been collected and how they are being allocated to the victims. The choice was decided on Saturday during a meeting chaired by Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif.

As implied by the name, this dashboard will be entirely digital and open to the public to maintain openness. The PM stated during the meeting that the dashboard was created utilising contemporary technology to provide a variety of information for flood donations. The public and media will also be updated on the steps taken to provide relief.

In keeping with my promise to uphold transparency, the government has agreed to have the PM Flood Relief Fund audited by AGPR and a reputable private audit firm. All incoming and outgoing monies, as well as where and how the money is used, will be audited. Publication of the audit reports is planned.

Sept. 3, 2022, Shehbaz Sharif (@CMShehbaz)

He added that the AGPR and an unnamed private audit company of “world standing” would both conduct audits of the PM Flood Relief Fund. The incoming and exiting monies will be audited by these organisations, and the audit findings will be made public.

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The Prime Minister also urged for the restoration of the power supply and other infrastructures including roads, bridges, and other public utilities, and he assessed the restoration of services in the affected areas plus more. The recovery of mobile coverage sites has been actively reported by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The regulator has so far assisted in the recovery of thousands of sites that currently less than 1% of sites are affected.

Additionally, donations for flood assistance are increasing. The government has allocated more over Rs. 70 billion for the relief and rehabilitation of flood victims, according to the federal minister for finance and revenue, Miftah Ismail.

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