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YouTube Music Rolls Out ‘Library’ Tab Redesign on Android

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YouTube Music Rolls Out ‘Library’ Tab Redesign on Android


On Android, YouTube Music introduces a revamped Library tab with an emphasis on speeding up content playback. The new design eliminates the need for users to initially choose a page and instead uses a list view that displays material right away. A song selected from this perspective will begin playing on the radio right away.

YouTube Music Rolls Out ‘Library’ Tab Redesign on Android

Before, the Library tab opened with a “Recent activity” section that displayed albums, songs, artists, and playlists along with sizable previews that only allowed for the appearance of two full items. Links to pages for Downloads, Playlists, Albums, Songs, Artists, and Subscriptions are then provided.

From the top-left corner, you may navigate to Downloads, Uploads, and Device files. A song from this screen can be tapped to launch radio airplay right away. A floating button in the bottom right corner of the makeover makes it simple to make new playlists.

Chips for Playlists, Songs, Albums, and Artists are listed after that. For the New playlist and Shuffle all functions on the first two, there are pill-shaped FABs (floating action buttons). Artists, meanwhile, allows you to view and filter subscriptions.

Finally, you can use the Recent activity, Recent added, or Recent played filters to narrow down the main list.

This function has been made available on YouTube for Android-powered smartphones and tablets. However, this feature is not yet available to iOS users.

However, YouTube is also developing a Dynamic Queue function. While things operate differently on YouTube Music, the dynamic queue feature does not operate in the same manner. For instance, the company will offer tracks from the same genre to you while you are listening to your favourite song. Additionally, the following song that is automatically played will be a member of the same family.

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