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YouTube Adds Watermarks to Shorts to Discourage Cross Posting

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YouTube Adds Watermarks to Shorts to Discourage Cross Posting

With a recent upgrade, it is clear that YouTube does not want you to share Shorts on competing social media sites without giving them credit. The short videos on the video-sharing app now have watermarks to prevent cross-platform sharing on Instagram or TikTok.

YouTube has not always included watermarks to its videos, unlike TikTok or Instagram, but that has changed as of today. The addition of watermarks to YouTube’s Shorts once they are downloaded for distribution on other platforms has been announced in a support thread. The update has already gone live on YouTube’s desktop edition, and it will come to mobile devices in a few months.

To increase interaction, social media creators like to share their material on a variety of channels. Sharing the same movie on different platforms makes more sense than having to start over every time. The goal of YouTube’s most recent update is to encourage users to return to the original source of their favourite content.

You can readily locate the original version on TikTok thanks to the watermarks TikTok uses, which also display the creator’s username. The watermarks on YouTube might function in a similar manner, but further information is needed.

However, if you want to get past social media watermarks, you can just export the films separately for each platform and utilise third-party video editors like Lama Fusion or Adobe After Effects. By doing this, you can gain fans across all of your platforms rather than having them congregate in one place.

Some people might not be able to do this, and the majority of content producers will probably continue producing content in the same manner whether or not watermarks are used.

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