Youth and Tech can take Pakistan Forward

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Youth and Tech can take Pakistan Forward

Pakistan’s youth are helping the nation progress. The nation owes a lot to its younger generation, which today makes up 68% of the total population, from acting as a driving force in the IT sector’s transformation to launching entrepreneurial businesses that are game changers. There is no better moment to honour youth and their contributions to Pakistan than this year, when International Youth Day and National Independence Day coincide.

People between the ages of 18 and 30 are great candidates to assist modify traditional ecosystems in a world where technological breakthroughs are heavily influencing every aspect of life. And they are doing just that with the help of digital platforms and the resources at their disposal.

In Pakistan, a significant 73% of persons aged 15 to 24 are literate, and roughly 42% are employed in some capacity. By launching firms in a variety of industries like fintech, logistics, transport, and other ones, other people are shattering conventional assumptions.

The internet in general and social media in particular are giving the youth unparalleled potential to develop and lead the country as a whole by dissolving traditional limits and boundaries.

While many organisations are working on this front, Meta has been in the forefront of promoting opportunities for youth in the nation. Meta is an umbrella organisation that houses the largest social media networks globally. A lot has been accomplished, and many more particular projects, including training for women’s online safety and the promotion of their entrepreneurial opportunities, are currently in the works.

For instance, Meta started the “Prosper Pakistan” project with the aim of providing educational insights, networking opportunities, and more to small enterprises there. In addition, the “She Means Business” programme helps women-owned businesses adopt the digital economy by providing business inspiration and skill development. The youth in Pakistan have benefited greatly from both of these initiatives.

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Through these programmes, not only Meta but a wide range of other corporate bodies are easing the way for young people to have the resources they need to become more productive members of society in terms of bolstering the economy and establishing enduring communities around them. These actions will enable today’s youth to increase the export of IT services to new heights. while also exceeding hopes in terms of funding for startups. These accomplishments ultimately show Pakistan’s potential, which is being recognised and valued.

Challenges have been faced by the economic system worldwide as well as in Pakistan. The kids of our nation are still witnessing growth and development despite that. Young people now have new opportunities to pursue revolutionary ideas as the need for Pakistan-based expertise increases, not just in the technology sector but also in engineering and other fields. The International Youth Day today might serve as a reminder that our future generation need support from the government as a priority area and the appropriate direction in order to assist us prosper as Independence Day approaches. Let this crucial element be a focal point of the Independence Day festivities and of national unity. At least there is some good news here. that there are many chances accessible now that weren’t there even a few years ago as people and organisations continue to invest in the brilliance of the country’s youth.

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