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WhatsApp Launches New Desktop App for Windows Users

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WhatsApp Launches New Desktop App for Windows Users

 For its Windows customers, WhatsApp has recently announced a standalone desktop software. WhatsApp, an instant messaging service, has been developing the software for a while. Beta testing for the app was ongoing. However, WhatsApp has recently made this app available to everyone.

WhatsApp Launches New Desktop App for Windows Users

To continue making and receiving calls and sending messages without needing to have our smartphone close by, we had until now connected a desktop computer. This is done using WhatsApp Web using a web browser or a WhatsApp desktop programme that is web-based.

The new software, on the other hand, has been updated to run natively on Windows and no longer relies on the outdated web-based backend. On the surface, the new app doesn’t appear to be much different. However, the native app will operate more efficiently, utilise fewer resources, and launch more quickly than previously. When your phone is offline, you can continue conversations from your keyboard thanks to these apps.

This app is only right now accessible to Windows users. Not to fear, though; WhatsApp will soon make this software available to Mac users as well. The native MacOS application is still being worked on. WhatsApp is now in closed beta testing for MacOS and will launch as a “Universal app” for MacOS. Additionally, it suggests that it will be based on the WhatsApp programme for iPhones and will operate natively on Apple silicon laptops.

You must still connect it to a smartphone account that is connected to a phone number, though. Once your devices are connected, you can use end-to-end encryption to send and receive messages, make WhatsApp calls, and more.

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  • Linking a Windows desktop application:
  • Download the brand-new WhatsApp Desktop App for Windows first.
  • After downloading and installing, you must sign in.
  • Open WhatsApp on your phone right now.
  • On Android, select More choices; on iPhone, select Settings.
  • Click on Linked Devices.

  • The QR code that shows on your WhatsApp desktop app should be scanned with your phone’s camera.

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