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WhatsApp is working on the Undo feature for iOS users

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WhatsApp is working on the Undo feature for iOS users

 Each business in the quickly evolving IT industry must create fresh, useful features that will delight customers and increase their worth. iOS users have long called for capabilities that would allow them to undo deletions and empower group administrators to remove chat messages. The business is currently developing an undo option for iOS, so the wait is gone.

The upcoming Whatsapp for iOS beta version will shortly include the long-requested additions, according to the business. Many times, someone will accidentally delete my messages while attempting to erase them for everyone else. Users have long wished for the possibility to get their messages back and have the error fixed because this is a serious problem that has to be fixed. Users will be able to recover accidentally deleted texts in the future update. The user only needs to hit an undo button for a message in a snack bar to alert them that the message has been deleted and that they can simply recover it.

The fresh function will be only a small number of beta users will be allowed to utilise this function before it is eventually made available to the general public. The period of time during which users will be able to recover deleted messages is still unknown, but it will be made known as soon as beta testers submit a positive report.

The second feature that the company is developing would enable group administrators to remove any message they choose for everyone, and when they do so, group members will only get a notification stating that the group administrator has deleted a message. The beta testers may already access this feature, and everyone will have access to it eventually.

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According to the article by WABetaInfo:

Whether you want to quickly determine whether a feature is available, see if you can delete any recent messages from a group in which you have administrative privileges. If “delete for everyone” appears when you attempt to delete a message sent by another member, the feature is active. to use with your account! Group administrators will benefit greatly from this functionality because it will allow them to more effectively regulate their WhatsApp groups.

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