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WhatsApp groups are getting major updates

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WhatsApp groups are getting major updates


Major updates are being made to WhatsApp groups.

In what seemed like a possible threat to Slack, WhatsApp stated in April that it was developing a new ‘Communities’ feature that would enable various groups to come together “under one roof.” Beta testers can now access the feature.

The ability to create new Communities is available to test participants on the tab bar on the far left, where options for chats, status, and calls are available. How did you take pictures back when the camera shortcut was there? Thank goodness, it seems WhatsApp has already found a new place for the camera.

The messaging platform, which is owned by Meta, has slowly introduced incremental updates over the past few months, including group sizes being doubled to 512 users, 32-person video calls, an increased 2GB file-sharing limit, emoji reactions, “last seen” statuses that let you hide it from specific people, and now Communities.

Previously, you could access the WhatsApp camera shortcut by swiping right on the list of chats or in the left-hand tab bar. The deleted shortcut might reemerge now that Communities have taken its position, however this time close to the search bar and hamburger menu, according to WABetaInfo. It might be challenging to secure that position near the top, especially if you’re using a larger phone like the Google Pixel 6. However, the location is clear and will be easy to find.

WhatsApp communities and groups are ideal for anyone in charge of managing schools or communities. This enables them to keep every pertinent sub-group together inside a single hub. Update your app to the most recent version and wait for the company to provide it to you if you want to get your hands on it. Unfortunately, as this is a server-side release, there doesn’t seem to be a method to force the capability to exist on your end.

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