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WhatsApp for iOS working on a story like new features

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WhatsApp for iOS working on a story like new features

 New features are consistently being added to WhatsApp for iOS. Reactions, the ability to transfer conversation history from iOS to Android, as well as a number of other features, were added to the app over the course of the year. However, a contentious feature is set to be added to Mark Zuckerberg’s messenger app: the capacity to view Status directly from the conversation list.

Status has existed for some time. Users of WhatsApp can submit images and videos that vanish after 24 hours using this feature that resembles Stories. In places where people use the app to sell services or goods, this functionality might be helpful even though Instagram Stories are more widely used.

According to WABetaInfo, beta version now allows users to view Status updates in the chat list. On WhatsApp for iOS, a new Status update shared by one of your contacts is now always accessible directly in the conversation list.

It looks that only a few beta testers were able to test this feature as of right now. With the Status feature now available in the chat list, WhatsApp may be able to insert adverts when users view Status images or videos, much like Instagram does with its Stories feature.

Fortunately, WABetainfo reports that users will still have a choice over whether or not to view Status postings immediately in the chat list.

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