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WhatsApp Communities are Finally Rolling Out to Android Users

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WhatsApp Communities are Finally Rolling Out to Android Users

 The instant messaging service WhatsApp is becoming more well-known day by day for adding capabilities that were much needed. According to earlier rumours, WhatsApp is developing a Communities feature that would enable users to add several groups to a single group. But as of late, WhatsApp has begun rolling out the function to some users.

WhatsApp Communities are Finally Rolling Out to Android Users

According to a tip from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing Communities with a small group of Android users. The outdated Camera tab has been replaced by a new WhatsApp Communities tab for users who have received this update. Users will be able to add up to 10 sub-groups when creating a new Community using this functionality. Then, each sub-group may have up to 512 members. Thus, you can communicate with up to 5120 recipients at once with a single message.

WhatsApp automatically creates an Announcement group with all of the members of the sub-groups when you first join a Community. Because of this, administrators can quickly send outgoing messages to everyone at once. The members of the sub-groups’ phone numbers are currently not hidden by WhatsApp. However, with next upgrades, WhatsApp. One could conceal their phone number for increased privacy.

Without a sure, people who need to send communications to a variety of organisations will find this capability useful. For instance, a company that wants to communicate with every department. Schools, colleges, and universities are no different.

Update your app to the most recent version if you’re interested in using this feature. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet received this function; WhatsApp will soon make it available to all users.

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