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What is TikTok’s viral ‘hand dance’ trend?

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What is TikTok’s viral ‘hand dance’ trend?

 The most recent dancing challenge on TikTok doesn’t call for full body movement. Instead, all you need is your hand, and people are completely fixated on it.

It is reasonable to say that TikTok reigns supreme when it comes to viral dances.

The well-known video platform is to blame for a lot of dancing challenges that have previously swept social media. Who could forget the internet-shattering “WAP” choreography or the “Savage” dance?

The fact that you need only one hand to execute TikTok’s most recent trending dance move sets it apart from some of the app’s most well-liked routines.

TikTok hand dance trend explained

The dance was first shared on August 4 by Ms. Kei, a TikTok user. Her video has received over 4 million likes and a staggering 127 million views in a little more than a week.

A slowed-down, reverberant rendition of the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” is played as Kei delicately moves one of her hands into various stances in sync to the music on her TikTok. Some viewers have questioned whether she manipulated the clip to match the iconic song.

Kei released another hand-dance video, which has amassed an astounding 17 million views, because users can’t get enough of her hand gestures.

People are drawing comparisons between Ms. Kei and Wanda Maximoff, making reference to the Scarlet Witch’s distinctive hand gestures when she casts spells, and generally praising how beautiful her hands are.

  • One person remarked, “It’s like Wanda’s hand motions, it’s really cool.
  • Another person remarked, “You’d make the ideal Avenger.”
  • Another commenter confessed, “Why am I simping for hands?”
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Ms. Kei’s hand motions have become so popular that others are copying them. These imitations have also gained millions of views, including those of TikTok user “nephilim.kos,” who adds a clever handcuff gimmick to their rendition of the trend.

What trends will truly catch on on TikTok is never certain. However, this is one of the more intriguing app fads to catch on, following closely behind the incredibly successful “love language” test.

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