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Twitter’s whistleblower Zatko pose a threat to the company’s reputation

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Twitter’s whistleblower Zatko pose a threat to the company’s reputation

 Although Twitter is a well-known social media network with billions of users and followers, it has recently come under heavy fire from business partners and employees. Peiter Zatko, an employee, was hired in November 2020 to serve as the department’s security director. Internet activist Jason Scott tweeted following his hiring:

I fully support your decision to leave after putting the building on fire.

Twitter leaker Zatko: a genuine menace

Tweeter engaged Zatko, known as Mudge, a well-known hacker, to develop plans for an effective and impenetrable security system. However, the business had a number of concerns with him, which is why they recently fired him. Twitter’s spokesman said:

Mr. Zatko was let go from his senior executive position at Twitter in January 2022 due to poor performance and weak leadership.

Zatko accused Twitter of having a bad security system and doing nothing to fix it. He also claimed that the firm had misleading governance and that Elon Musk, the board of directors, and investors had a history of lying about the company. Additionally, Zatko claimed that the business lacked policies to safeguard its customers and lacked the ability to inspire its workers. The business shows that it cares a lot by concealing the fact that it has numerous security flaws from its customers. He further stated that the business never cooperated with the FTC compliance decree from 2011. Twitter’s reply to The complaint stated:

“What we’ve seen thus far is a false narrative about Twitter and our privacy and data security standards that is rife with inconsistencies and falsehoods and lacks crucial context,” the company said.

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Additionally, the business claimed that Zatko was a disgruntled worker with opportunistic timing. Other ominous claims made by Zakto were that Twitter had hired operatives of the Indian government, that Dorsey was the worst CEO ever, and that there had been security lapses following his appointment. Such internal employee acquisitions constitute a severe threat to the business at this time of intense turbulence caused by Elon Musk, and the corporation must take steps to appease former employees who are speaking out against it.

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