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Twitter WhistleBlower Will Testify About Security Failure At Senate Hearing On Sep 13

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Twitter WhistleBlower Will Testify About Security Failure At Senate Hearing On Sep 13

 The US Senate Judiciary Committee will have a hearing with Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, Twitter’s former security chief, on September 13 according to the most recent reports. This hearing’s main objective is to explore claims that Twitter deceived authorities, according to a whistleblower complaint.

Zatko Went Public With Twitter WhistleBlower Complaint Against His Experiences At Company

The former security chief of Twitter, Zatko, will speak to a Senate panel investigating the firm’s security procedures. Pieter “Mudge” Zatko, according to recent sources, published a long whistleblower complaint based on his experiences at the organisation. He must therefore show up at a hearing before the Judiciary Committee on September 13th. Senator Dick Durbin, the committee’s chair, said:

“Mr. Zatko’s claims of systemic security lapses and influence by foreign state actors at Twitter raise grave concerns. If these allegations are true, they could indicate serious security and privacy problems for Twitter users worldwide.

One day after formally alleging that Twitter has handled multiple security issues with “gross negligence,” Twitter’s former security chief announced the congressional hearing. One of his most provocative claims, that Twitter’s interactions with other governments and government actors could endanger U.S. national security, is worth highlighting here. Anyhow, on September 13, Zatko will give testimony at a Senate hearing regarding the company’s security procedures.

Zatko’s assertions were previously criticised by Twitter as being “riddled with errors,” in response. Additionally, according to reports, CEO Parag Agrawal informed Twitter employees that Zatko was let go “for weak leadership and poor performance.” The business must yet elaborate on the claims in public. Watch the Senate hearing to see what happens.

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