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Twitter Phone Number Verification Badge Is Under Testing

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Twitter Phone Number Verification Badge Is Under Testing

 Social media apps today work to maintain their prominence by attracting users with fresh features. Almost every day, we receive first-hand accounts on the addition of intriguing new features to these Apps. We now know that Twitter is testing a badge for phone number verification.

Twitter Phone Number Verification Badge will Be An Indication That The User Has Verified the Number

The most recent rumours state that Twitter is testing a new profile badge for users who have confirmed their phone numbers. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong made this revelation. The business added on Tuesday that another reason for conducting this experiment is to “enable consumers to add context to their accounts.”

It could be crucial to confirm that a user wearing a badge indicating phone verification is not a robot. The business has additionally disclosed that this is one of the strategies that will assist consumers in finding reliable information and provide more details about various types of accounts. Furthermore, this verification is just one step in the procedure, and it is currently being tested exclusively with a setting that allows for phone number verification. The business didn’t offer any details on how widespread the test is and who will receive the badge soon.

The business recently addressed a problem that made it possible for threat actors to look up a mobile number and see if it was associated with a Twitter account. At least 5.4 million accounts have been affected. The platform has tried self-verification before, so. Numerous dating apps, like Tinder and Bumble, feature voluntary photo-based verification methods.

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The social media business added that it is taking a number of steps to preserve the sincerity of the discourse on the platform. Its objective is to give users more identity and expression options on Twitter and in their profiles. The distinction between a verified phone number badge and a sign of a non-bot profile is not yet evident.

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