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Twitter is testing a new feature “tweets per month”

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Twitter is testing a new feature “tweets per month”

 Even a novel, odd discovery is understandable in this age of fast development. To make consumers’ lives easier and more convenient as well as to retain them on the platform, all IT firms strive to introduce new features and upgrades. Twitter is currently testing a new feature called “tweets per month” that informs users how frequently a person tweets.

Tweets per month feature

Despite the fact that Twitter has been working on it for a while, a small number of users have been given trial access to the function, and they are already providing comments. As a result, at the bottom left of the user’s profile, where it is possible to view the number of followers and followers he has, there is now a new feature that displays the number of tweets the user posts each month.

A small number of users are pleased with the new function because they want to know how many tweets they have posted and they want to reach a goal, but a small number of users are dissatisfied by it since, in their opinion, it serves as a notification of how much time they have spent on Twitter. Few users responded. that they are making themselves feel guilty because they already know they are using social media a lot. Many users believe that the feature can be helpful in that the metric can be used as a guide when deciding whether or not to follow someone. Someone who is so involved in social media that he tweets hundreds of times a month is not someone who would want to be in their timeline. Additionally, if a person only has an account, doesn’t tweet, and remains silent, other users might not feel inclined to follow him. For these kind people, the new feature might be quite useful in maintaining a focused and orderly following.

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A highly enthusiastic description of the new function was provided by a Twitter spokesperson:

“We want to study how providing additional context about the frequency of an account’s Tweets can help consumers make more educated decisions about the accounts they choose to engage with,” reads a statement accompanying this experiment.

Users should undoubtedly keep a positive attitude and utilise the function to its fullest whenever they obtain it.

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