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Twitter is incorporating podcasts into the new Spaces Tab

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Twitter is incorporating podcasts into the new Spaces Tab


Twitter is transforming the market and enhancing the user experience. Podcasts are now included in the brand-new Spaces tab. Users of Android and iOS can make the adjustment. Following their feedback and suggestions, the firm will test the new redesign on a select group of lucky people from across the world before making it public. The service will initially only be available in English.

Spaces tweeted the following:

We’re starting to test a new Spaces Tab today, which is good news. Even better news is that it includes podcasts, themed audio stations, and (of course) recorded + live Spaces.

The podcasts and audio files are now dispersed across several tabs. The podcasts and other audio content will be gathered into the hub that is based on categories after the new Spaces Tab. As a result, all audio content and television shows that have been uploaded to an interest in the form of audio files and are intended to be downloaded onto devices will now be kept in a structured, classified manner. Spaces tweets about the new experiment and how it will benefit users, informing users. It reads:

We anticipate that the updated design will make it simpler to find music wherever you are.

An algorithm that caters to diverse users organises and personalises the audio stations on Twitter. These preferences are set by the platforms based on the Twitter users that they follow and the topics that interest them. Based on this data, customers are presented with a customised selection of audio and podcasts covering a range of subjects such as music, sports, entertainment, and travel.

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Based on an internal survey showing that 45% of Twitter users in the U.S. listen to podcasts on a regular basis and that the platform’s current goal is to make the search for them quick and structured, Twitter decided to overhaul the Spaces Tab. The fact that Twitter now offers its customers a wider range of listening options has the management of audio podcast companies incredibly delighted and excited. Outside of audio streaming platforms, there is a simpler way to subscribe to podcasts. After the new test and redesign of the Spaces tab, the popularity of podcasts will undoubtedly rise.

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