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TikTok Monitors Everything You Type in the Browser

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Beware! TikTok Monitors Everything You Type in the Browser


Do you use TikTok? If so, beware because TikTok is watching you. The most recent research claims that TikTok’s in-app browser injects JavaScript into external webpages, enabling the app to track all input—including passwords and credit card numbers—and save that information. TikTok discovered accessing users’ clipboards back in 2020. Recently, TikTok was discovered spying on its users once more.

Beware! TikTok is Monitoring everything You Type in the Browser

Felix Krause, a security expert, claims that anytime users click a link in TikTok, the app is then given permission to watch whatever they do on that external website. This includes keystrokes, button clicks, and link taps.

A representative for TikTok, on the other side, retorted that the code isn’t at anyway malicious. This code is utilised by the business for “performance monitoring, debugging, and troubleshooting.”

JavaScript, according to the firm, is a component of a third-party software development kit. However, it withholds the maker’s identity.

The researcher advised using Safari to access the URLs provided TikTok on if you are particularly concerned about your data privacy.

TikTok recently made the announcement that it would give a few selected researchers more information about its platform and moderation process. In order to increase access to public and anonymised data regarding the content and activity on its app, TikTok is creating a research API. According to TikTok, academics do not yet have a straightforward means to evaluate material or run tests on its site. They will, however, soon have access to open data.

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