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TikTok is experimenting new “Nearby Feed” to show local content

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TikTok is experimenting new “Nearby Feed” to show local content


Social media sites and IT firms must add new features and improvements to stay relevant, and as a result, customers gain access to more comfort and convenience when using technology. In an effort to offer consumers additional options, TikTok is developing a new “Nearby Feed” that is set up to display local material to users. The company’s representative said:

We constantly consider new approaches to benefit our neighbourhood and improve the TikTok experience.

The Nearby Feed will provide viewers the option to see even more specialised and customised material. Local content will be easily accessible to users thanks to this new feed. TikTok’s new feed and recommendation algorithm will eventually catch up with Instagram’s new searchable map feature and Snapchat’s Snap Map, giving users everywhere a better way to access local content and identify things that are nearby in a much simpler way. The three elements will all work together to make TikTok users’ lives easier.

Just a few Southeast Asian users have been chosen to test the new Nearby Feed, and the test’s reach is fairly constrained. The nearby feed option will be visible next to the “Following” and “For You” feeds on the TikTok homepage for these fortunate nominated individuals. The addition of location tags to their films has been tested with the new feed.

When asked about this new feature, the spokesperson said that it would soon be made available to creators and that since the Nearby feed is new and in testing, it is impossible to say for sure whether the two features will be linked or not. The company may also claim that the Nearby feed only displays videos that have been recently viewed. location tags, or even without location tags, the feed can function. However, as the features are still in the testing and experimental stages, it is too soon to make any other statements in public.

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