This advanced tech will allow Wi-Fi signals break through walls

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This advanced tech will allow Wi-Fi signals break through walls

The ability to access endless information from the comfort of one’s own sofa thanks to home internet is a marvellous invention. That is, if it functions. You might have problems with your ISP or just your Wi-Fi signals, whatever that stands for, if you reside in a location with a bad connection, bad providers, or even just thick walls. (new tab opens)

Finding an affordable and time-consuming in-home Wi-Fi solution might be difficult for many people. It can be challenging to identify a single source for your signal interference because there are so many potential factors.

This is one of the causes for the wide variety of routers and other items on the market that enable people to connect at home. Even tiny flats sometimes encounter problems when devices connect properly in one room but not in another, which has led to an increase in the use of Wi-Fi range extenders (opens in new tab).

Another alternative is to attempt reducing some of the interferences rather than enhancing the Wi-Fi signal. However, this can become an issue if the hindrance is a permanent one, like a wall. The good news is that experts from the University of Rennes and Vienna University of Technology have come up with a creative solution.

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