The Best Job Posting Sites for Employers

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The Best Job Posting Sites for Employers

 It’s vital to get your job advertisements in front of the appropriate people if you want to successfully fill positions and grow your business. We have compiled a list of job posting websites to help you find qualified candidates for your open position.

It is annoying to have to filter through so many applications in an effort to find the best applicant. You can save time by using the right tools and skip the arduous hiring procedure.

Below is a list of the top 12 free job posting websites for employers in 2022. Investigate each one to create an effective strategy for locating your next team member.

 The Best Job Posting Sites for Employers


Upwork is the best website for posting freelancing jobs. Employing managers can post free job postings for contract work on Upwork’s job search engine, and contractors can look for these postings and answer without charge.

In Upwork’s Talent MarketplaceTM, hiring managers can quickly answer a few questions about the new position for which they need independent individuals with proven experience, and Upwork will then present a list of potential candidates.

Create a free account on the Upwork Talent Marketplace by following the instructions, then post your first task.

However, Upwork is more than just a site where jobs can be posted. Both free and advanced premium versions offer a wide variety of functions.


Employers can get in touch with qualified candidates through Indeed utilising a free trial or paid subscription, the provided contact information, or both.

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Your job posting will be seen by job searchers who can enter their search criteria and browse through listings that match them.


LinkedIn is a professional social networking site with a job search tool that makes creating networks straightforward. It’s a favourite among recruiters and ideal for small business hiring managers and large human resources departments.

Hiring managers, recruiters, and job seekers may all create a free professional social media presence that serves as an online portfolio and resume. There are also premium subscriptions accessible. Other online job boards and companies routinely request the URLs of potential candidates’ LinkedIn accounts as part of their own job applications.


For the purpose of assisting college students and recent graduates in obtaining jobs, Handshake, a job-search service, was created. Employers can use our customised employment board and resume database to look for applicants who are so new to the market that they still have an email address. Even though the platform is intended for job seekers to use on the Handshake mobile app, employers can link in using a browser.

Handshake connects entry-level job seekers with open positions at companies like Verizon, IBM, Target, Meta, Apple, and other well-known names that they are qualified for.

Employers may publish free job postings, browse profiles, download resumes, and engage in live chat with applicants using Handshake.

On, which compiles job advertisements, employers can freely post job positions. It’s simple to sign up and post jobs for both employers and job seekers.

A popular feature is the free option to connect your own application tracking system (ATS) to the platform. When your ATS and are linked, any job posting you post will be forwarded to automatically.

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Jora is a global job search engine that connects eligible candidates with open positions everywhere. The Jora website collects job listings from different websites, including popular job boards like Monster and several smaller niche job boards. Jora additionally works with other international job boards to provide customised employment services in Australia, Africa, Latin America, and Australia.

Each month, employers are given ten free job listings. The ability to provide Jora with an XML feed or link to a website with free job posts makes this relatively new job search website appealing for both local and international businesses.


Ladders ($100K+ Club) was founded to help highly qualified people get jobs with prosperous companies in the US and Canada. Every position has a salary of at least $100,000 per year on Ladders.

Job listings from a variety of job boards on the internet, including Indeed and other significant websites, can be located through the job-hunting website system. Employers can also search via Ladders’ large resume database and post up to 10 free job listings there each month. The same is true for candidates looking for work, who receive 10 free resume views from businesses each month. There are subscriptions available for a premium price.

Google Jobs

Google Jobs is the name of the company’s free job-search tool. Job posts that are entered into an ATS and properly formatted for Google on a website’s careers page will be indexed by the Google search engine.

Google Jobs also compiles job postings from the best job search engines. Because it uses all of the Google search engine’s technology, the Google Jobs search tool makes it simple for hiring managers to make sure that a variety of qualified candidates see their job adverts.

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