The advantages and disadvantages of Folding Smartphones

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The advantages and disadvantages of Folding Smartphones

2020 will see the release of foldable smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, and Motorola Razr. But whether or whether they become the norm is a quite different matter. Prior to the release of these mobile devices, companies like Samsung encountered numerous problems with its foldable device and delayed the launch of its commercial version mostly owing to technological challenges. Consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of foldable smartphones and mobile phones to have a better idea of what the future holds for this particular mobile phone market.

The Pros of Foldable Smartphones

The fact that this technology is a modernised version of the vintage flip/foldable phones means that these gadgets have cutting-edge design. A thorough description of a few significant benefits of foldable cellphones in 2020 is provided below.

Access a screen that is bigger or longer.

These phones can be opened with a much larger viewing area because they fold down into a smaller form factor. For instance, the Huawei Mate X has two full-sized screens when folded, measuring 6.3 inches and 6.6 inches, and one 8-inch display when opened. This enables you to interact with the gadget in a compact form factor and gives you the flexibility to lose yourself in entertainment whenever you want. These devices obviously benefit from the broader or longer screens, which give them more of a hybrid phablet feel.
Due to the thicker design of foldable smartphones, enjoy greater performance modules.
Foldable smartphones have more capacity for components because they are thicker and larger than standard mobiles. For instance, the Galaxy Fold offers a tablet with twin batteries and 6 cameras, allowing for extended usage and increased artistic freedom. This is only possible because the gadget has room for such modules, and as time goes on, manufacturers will likely develop to offer a really distinctive experience. 

The Cons of Foldable Smartphones

Despite all the fanfare and emotion about foldable cellphones, they have some obvious flaws that might prevent the general public from adopting them.
Only a few people, mostly early adopters, can afford it, making it an unprofitable buy.
Foldable phones sometimes carry a hefty price tag because they are relatively new on the market and use proprietary technologies. Because of this, many people find it impractical to buy them, which further qualifies them as a niche purchase that is largely done by early adopters.

Phone hinges are prone to breaking after long use.

The power to fold these phones without creating damage depends on hinges. The hinges are prone to deterioration, though. Because this is a typical worry that many people have, manufacturers explicitly specify the maximum number of folds the hinge can withstand. It is reasonable to be concerned about the durability in practical situations, even though they are lab outcomes.

The Future of Foldable Smartphones

Given the benefits and drawbacks of this technology, it is not unrealistic to see a time in the future when foldable smartphones are widely used. This idea leaves a lot of space for creativity because the majority of the disadvantages can be eliminated with improved design. For instance, Corning, the maker of the screen protector Gorilla Glass, is already working on creating foldable glass to safeguard these delicate plastic monitors. Even though the concept of glass bending is difficult to grasp, this is the kind of creativity that such technology fosters.
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