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 You’ve probably heard of some of the all-in-one marketing platforms if you’re attempting to launch or expand your internet business. Names like Leadpages, Kajabi, Clickfunnels, and Builderall are certainly well-known to you.

You can build websites, sales funnels, online courses, and email marketing campaigns using some of these platforms. The issue is that none of them will let you accomplish all of that for a reasonable price without trying to upsell you to a “premium” package and emptying your wallet.

You can achieve all of those things and more with at a cost you can afford. Additionally, it makes use of a platform that is simple for newbies to grasp and dive right into. If you’re looking to launch your firm, this component is quite important.

Building Sales Funnels

In 2020, using sales funnels will be required for all commercial transactions. You’re losing out on conversion opportunities if you don’t guide your leads through a predetermined series of steps on your website.

Your sales funnel directs visitors through a sequence of actions that ultimately result in conversions. For instance:

  1. Your lead might be dropped into a three-step funnel through a sales funnel made on
  2. In the first phase, their email is obtained in return for access to a free webinar.
  3. In the following stage, you upsell them on your private tutoring.
  4. The free membership in your Facebook group could be downsold to them in the third phase. allows you to do all of this and more. These funnels can be made using the platform and added as many as you like. The drag and drop editor used to design these funnels makes navigation the easiest part of all. You can edit everything right from the funnel builder, so you don’t need to know any code or other technical skills.

Email Marketing

Because it provides so many options for you to create your list, expand your subscriber base, market to them, and automate the entire process, stands out in the field of email marketing.

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On’s most affordable plan, you get unlimited emails and up to 5000 email subscribers. To this, Clickfunnels cannot be compared.

Even while Market Hero is a well-liked email marketing platform, particularly for eCommerce, it falls short when compared to In addition to offering a drop shipping platform for you, enables you to develop everything in one location and is significantly more economical than Market Hero. The best part is that offers a platform and an email autoresponder for you to automate all processes in one location. A tool needs to provide everything in one convenient spot if it calls itself an all-in-one solution. The only tool that does this is

Sell Online Courses

If email marketing and funnel construction weren’t enough, also allows you to create your own online courses and membership sites. The cheapest package is just $27 per month and includes unlimited file storage, up to three membership sites, and unlimited users.

  • So, what can you get for $27 per month?
  • Create, write, and post course materials on the platform.

Create and organise your course in a way that makes sense and is simple for your students to understand.

  1. Create a conversion strategy for leads to students.
  2. In order to promote to leads who don’t sign up straight away, create email marketing campaigns.
  3. Automate everything.
  4. The fact that you can perform every action on is its best feature.

for $27 straight from this platform. For a moment, let’s be honest: nobody else is carrying this out. Other platforms don’t offer this level of control.

You can develop a course, promote it, and manage email marketing if you choose Kajabi as your course platform. The issue is that Kajabi doesn’t offer much in the way of customization, their page builder is difficult for individuals with little experience to use, and their most affordable package costs $119 for a service that, in all honesty, isn’t as good.

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Create A Dropshipping Store also has a solution if eCommerce is your thing. Using the platform, you may build a full dropshipping store to sell your digital or tangible goods. You can then develop funnels to direct your leads to those products once your products have been uploaded and your sales pages are finished.

This is particularly effective because sales funnels are crucial when selling digital things. Anyone may open a dropshipping store online and anticipate sales to begin flowing.

It takes a clever marketer to realise that you are in charge of driving your own traffic to your store, so you require the proper platform to handle everything.

  1. allows you to:
  2. Make your drop shipment website
  3. Build funnels that turn prospects into paying clients
  4. Make email marketing strategies that will ultimately convert leads.

You may create a profitable eCommerce business by combining these three processes. The problem with many other platforms is this (I bet you can guess what it is).

Did you make a guess?

Yes, you can’t finish it all at once. Even though they advertise themselves as “all-in-one” eCommerce platforms, they fail to highlight that you need more than one tool to manage a successful eCommerce business.

For instance, it’s wonderful if you set up a dropshipping store on Shopify. Despite having a nice-looking store, you won’t be able to market or advertise it.

If you choose to utilize wooCommerce is fine, but you won’t have the resources there either to market it.

The best part is that also interfaces with Stripe and PayPal, so you won’t have to deal with payment processors that put holds on your money.

Launch A Blog

WordPress probably comes to mind when you’re attempting to start a successful blog because they do promote themselves as the best blogging platform. That’s fantastic if you have years of expertise developing websites or want to spend hours reading FAQ pages to learn how to set up and operate your blog. With, you can quickly and easily start a blog within minutes, and one of the package prices includes two custom domains.

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Let’s not overlook email, which is one of the key components of maintaining a profitable blog.

How can you expect to earn any money if you can’t send emails to your subscribers? You can wait around for your advertisement.

You might start making four dollars in your first few years when income begins to flow in.

Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow you to establish email marketing campaigns for your subscriber list.

But using, you can;)

The platform enables you to build subscriber lists, segment them, and then use the marketing automation dashboard to develop special campaigns for each list. There is another significant way that blogs generate income in addition to email marketing.

Affiliate Revenue

Build Passive Income Through An Affiliate Program

You might need a bit more persuasion if you haven’t already signed up for your free 14-day trial of

You have the option to design an affiliate scheme on that generates passive money while you expand your main business.

Your email subscribers and website visitors may be used to build a referral engine that not only brings you more leads but also uses those leads to produce more sales and affiliate revenue for your company.

Building this list, organising it, keeping track of it, and rewarding your affiliates for their work is simple using

Automate The Whole Thing

Finally, I’ve mentioned it a few times, but makes automating the entire process simple. Building an online business is fantastic, but you can’t do everything. At some point, you’ll either need to pay someone to do things for you or figure out how to automate some essential parts of your organisation (usually free).

You can create automated email campaigns using with tagged leads that you have divided into categories. This implies that your leads are getting relevant, tailored communications.

The best part is that’s cheapest package, which costs $27 per month, gives you access to these automation tools. Beat that, please! No, seriously, try anyhow because I’ve done it and you can’t.

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