Some Google Pixel Users Got Android 12 Update Instead Of Android 13- Here’s Why?

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Some Google Pixel Users Got Android 12 Update Instead Of Android 13- Here’s Why?

 Yesterday, Google made Android 13 available after more than eight months of testing. The Google Pixel devices were the first to receive the stable version of Android 13, which introduced several new features and enhancements over Android 12. The story is interesting because a number of users from the r/GooglePixel subreddit started claiming to have received an Android 12-based update in its place. People began to believe that Google was accidentally releasing the Android 12 update. But that wasn’t the case. Google clarified that it did intend to distribute an Android 12 update to select Pixel customers who were on an earlier version of the operating system. It was merely a coincidence that the previous release and the Android 13 Update occurred at the same time.

Android 13 Update Coincided With Android 12 Update

Google’s response to the news is as follows:

An update with bug patches for Android 12 that had already been launched was made available to Pixel smartphones running an older version of the operating system on August 15. With the timing of Android 13, the messaging in the notification was unclear, and it is now being revised for clarity.

The Android 12 upgrade is distinct from the Android 13 OTA, as Google has reiterated in a recent announcement. So it’s possible that the new update won’t reach your smartphone for a few weeks.

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List of Eligible Phones

The stable version of Android 13, which brings several new features and enhancements over Android 12, has now been made available for Google Pixel devices. The following list of Google Pixel phones qualifies for the update:

  • Pixel 6 Pro Google
  • Android Pixel 6a
  • Pixel 6 Google
  • Pixel 5 by Google
  • Pixel 5A from Google
  • Pixel 4 Google
  • Alpha Google Pixel
  • Pixel 4a Google 5G
  • XL Google Pixel

The most recent update will be released “later this year” for all other OEMs, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and Motorola. It all relies on how quickly these businesses worldwide distribute updates.

Android 13 appears to be a small improvement over Android 12. It has provided the concept, privacy characteristics, and spatially refined materials. Themed icon, audio & Bluetooth LE audio, and many more

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