Rockstar to Use Insane Photorealistic Graphics for GTA VI

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Rockstar to Use Insane Photorealistic Graphics for GTA VI

 According to a well-known Grand Theft Auto leaker, the eagerly awaited GTA 6 will feature lifelike graphics from Rockstar Games. A graphic designer who specialises in photorealism analyses a photograph and then attempts to replicate it as accurately as possible in another medium.

The highly anticipated sequel to Grand Theft Auto has fans clamouring for information ever since Rockstar Games announced that GTA 6 is in production. Despite the lack of official details about the game, number of rumours and reports have made information about the main character and setting public. A recent rumors has now made the game’s appearance known.

The well-known source “Tez2” claimed in the GTA forums that Rockstar Games had significantly Grand Theft Auto 6 has big aspirations for its visual presentation because it will be “very lifelike.”

How photorealism would be achieved?

In addition to other creative adjustments, photorealism could be achieved through improved ray tracing, extremely realistic textures, and stronger shadows. This would have to be done without degrading the performance of the game.

TeaserPlay depicts GTA VI Photorealistic graphics in a concept video:

A graphic design company called TeaserPlay recently posted a YouTube video showcasing its concept for GTA 6 in line with the brand-new Unreal Engine 5. The game has mind-blowing graphics and a faithful representation of the Grand Theft Auto universe. The quality of the lighting and shadow effects seems to be excellent. The three-minute trailer portrays the next games in detail. Some of the scenes are so realistic-looking that they may have been taken directly from Hollywood productions. Given that the trailer is only a concept and not a finished product, the visual is astounding. The images are realistic in every way. Ray tracing is used extensively by the engine, especially for light balancing and shadow detailing.

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These assertions, however, are entirely based on rumours. We will not know for sure if photorealism will be featured in GTA 6 until they see an official trailer from Rockstar.

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