Retro FPS ‘HYPERVIOLENT’ Coming Soon to Early Access

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Retro FPS ‘HYPERVIOLENT’ Coming Soon to Early Access

 With its next throwback game, HYPERVIOLENT, developer Terminist Arcade is embracing the days of the classic first-person shooter. The game, a pixelated sci-fi adventure with horror components, tries to bring back those fond memories of the early days of digital weapons. On September 8, HYPERVIOLENT will premiere in Early Access for the PC with a number of campaign levels and other extra features.

Something Strange is Aboard the Station in HYPERVIOLENT

An odd space illness is attacking Commodus Asteroid 27-C. Its residents are suffering terribly, and it is up to you to find a solution. While interacting with a variety of objects and activities, we’ll explore different parts of the space station. There will be NPCs on the station as well, so we’ll have to figure out what went wrong. It’s time to take care of business since, of course, trouble is present.

HYPERVIOLENT is a tribute to 1990s first-person shooter games that used sci-fi stories as a setting for their pixelated, compelling action. The game’s extensive use of violence and gore is presented in a spectacularly vintage manner, which ultimately transports some players back in time. The player can dual-wield any single-handed weapon in Hyperviolent, which adds to the crazy and makes it easier for them to move around the asteroid. In order to properly demonstrate what Terminist Arcade and publisher Fulqrum Publishing have in store for us, it appears that we have the HYPERVIOLENT trailer here.

On September 8, HYPERVIOLENT will go live in Early Access on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store for any interested vintage gamers. The Early Access phase’s initial stages will include five up to five hours of playtime are provided by the campaign’s levels, two boss encounters, 12 distinct weapons, and other features. Later on, when Terminist Arcade continues to work on HYPERVIOLENT, more content will be made accessible.

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Are you curious about HYPERVIOLENT? Do you enjoy playing old-fashioned, retro video games? Comment below with your ideas and let us know!

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