PUBG Mobile Wins MTV Video Music Award for its in-game Blackpink concert

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PUBG Mobile Wins MTV Video Music Award for its in-game Blackpink concert

 The best metaverse performance in PUBG Mobile, according to the most recent sources, was won by the Korean pop girl trio Blackpink. The noteworthy thing, according to MTV, is that the group’s virtual concert, Blackpink: The Virtual, managed to receive the most votes out of the category’s over 320 million votes.

PUBG Mobile Won MTV Video Music Award for Best Metaverse Performance

Best Metaverse Performance was a brand-new category for the VMAs that MTV added last month. The main goal was to pay tribute to the recent virtual concerts that took place in video games. MTV wanted to pay tribute to the actual live performances that had to be cancelled or postponed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. An MTV representative even admitted to ITK at the time that the inclusion of the category came about as a result of a rise in artists engaging with fans through gaming. Fortnite’s notable accomplishment can be attributed primarily to Travis Scott’s astronomical concert in 2020. The representative said:

This year, the Best Metaverse Category was added because “we recognised the chance to spotlight and reward some of the best, most effective executions of this, and celebrate artists who have found new ways to exploit these places.”

The following five musicians and ensembles were also contenders for this Best Metaverse Performance award:

Twenty-One Pilots for their concert in Roblox Blackpink’s fellow K-pop group BTS for their performance in Minecraft Ariana Grande for her Rift Tour show in Fortnite

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Charlie XCX for organising a concert in Roblox as well.

Justin Bieber for his Wave appearance

A virtual reality musical venue that offers immersive, interactive performances by well-known performers.

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