PTA Sets Minimum Broadband Internet Speed Of 4Mbps For customers

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PTA Sets Minimum Broadband Internet Speed Of 4Mbps For customers

 Are you tired of how slowly your internet is? Yes, most certainly. Nothing to worry about. I want to share some excellent knowledge with you all today. For many people in Pakistan, internet speed will increase. Thanks to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s amendment of the regulations governing broadband internet. We have learned that the consumer conference was attended by the telecom regulator. At that conference, they discussed internet speeds in Pakistan along with other topics and came to a fairly smart decision. Let’s investigate it.

Minimum Internet Speed In Pakistan Will Be 4Mbps

Recent sources state that PTA has stated that Pakistan’s minimum broadband internet speed should be 4Mbps, up from 256 kbps. You should therefore experience 80% of the promised internet speeds. For instance, if your connection is 10Mbps, you should always experience at least 8Mbps speed. The nice part is that you can officially complain to PTA about it if it falls below that threshold in any way.

In many parts of the country, internet speeds will undoubtedly increase. Improvements will be made, especially in Pakistan’s outlying regions where internet speeds are now subpar. It’s important to note that if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a “broadband” internet provider and you receive service at a speed below 4Mbps, you can now file a complaint with PTA. Those that receive less than 80% of their intended internet connection speeds would benefit greatly. It is still unclear, though, if it solely applies to download speeds or to upload and download speeds as well. There is clearly a ray of hope for many consumers with PTCL connections as they will now experience 80% of their claimed speeds optimism for them.

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How to Complain?

  1. By going to PTA’s website, you can file a complaint.
  2. Select Customer Complaints.
  3. Fill out the online complaint form that asks for your contact information and the sort of grievance you want to file.

By calling PTA’s consumer assistance line at 0800-55055, which is open seven days a week from nine in the morning until nine in the evening, you can also lodge a complaint.

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