PEACE, the first Chinese submarine cable system set to operate in Pakistan

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PEACE, the first Chinese submarine cable system set to operate in Pakistan

The development and laying of the PEACE undersea cable infrastructure in Pakistan has been completed by PEACE Cable International Network Co., Ltd. (PEACE Cable) and Cyber Internet Services (Cybernet), the top supplier of Internet and data communication network services. Final splicing on the PEACE Pakistan-Egypt stretch has been finished, enabling connectivity from Karachi, Pakistan, to Marseille, France.

Karachi, Pakistan and Zafarana, Egypt are connected by the 5,800 km PEACE Pakistan-Egypt section. The landings at Karachi and Zafarana were finished in March and December of 2021, respectively. Additionally, in March 2022, RFS was achieved on the Mediterranean portion of a new underwater cable that runs from Marseille, France, to Abu Talat, Egypt. As a result, the Pakistan to France segment of the PEACE cable system is now finished and operational.

We are very eager to increase connectivity in this area as it marks the beginning of a new underwater chapter for the Pakistan market. According to Maroof Ali Shahani, COO if Cybernet, “We have finished a critical portion of the new submarine cable system, from Pakistan to France, which will have a tremendous influence on the digital environment in Pakistan.” At the creating a climate that is favourable to both businesses and customers is at the core of what we do. The cable network will assist the nation in maintaining global connectivity in an ever-evolving technology environment.

In 2019, Cybernet and PEACE Cable agreed to a landing. The country’s state-of-the-art Cable Landing Station was built in Karachi by Cybernet, PEACE’s landing partner in Pakistan, enabling global carriers, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), content providers, and virtually all IT-enabled businesses to access submarine cable capacity at conveniently located points throughout Pakistan.

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