Original, Unopened 2007 Apple iPhone sold for $35,000

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Original, Unopened 2007 Apple iPhone sold for $35,000

 In a sealed box, an unopened first-generation 2007 Apple iPhone was auctioned off for $35,000 in the US. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, launched the first iPhone on January 9, 2007. The phone was presently up for bid in the “Apple, Jobs, and Computer Hardware” curated sale by RR Auction, which ended on August 18 and included more than 70 items. The iPhone box includes a life-size representation of the iPhone with 12 icons on the screen, according to the auction house RR Auction.

Original, Unopened 2007 Apple iPhone sold for $ 35,000

The phone included a touchscreen, a camera, and web browsing functionality when it was first released by the firm. The gadget had a web browser, a 2MP camera, and visual voicemail. In June 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone in the US for $499 for the 4GB device and $599 for the 8GB variant.

The fully loaded original iPhone (8GB) is currently selling for $35,414 at auction. A hand-soldered Apple-1 circuit board made by Steve “Woz” Wozniak, the other co-founder of Apple, was also offered for auction and fetched $677,196.

A 5GB first-generation original Apple iPod that was unopened sold for $25,000 as well.

The iPhone 14 series will be unveiled by Apple in the upcoming month. The 5.4-inch iPhone min will no longer be available from Apple starting in 2022 as the iPhone sizes shift. Apple plans to concentrate a 6.1-inch iPhone 14 and larger iPhone sizes for upcoming flagship devices. There will be three different sizes of the iPhone 14: a 6.1-inch Pro, a 6.7-inch Max, and a 6.7-inch Pro Max.

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