Nothing Phone 1 Will Get Android 13 Update Next Year: Confirmed

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Nothing Phone 1 Will Get Android 13 Update Next Year: Confirmed

 One of the most awaited smartphones with some decent features is the Nothing phone 1. For a long time, the company had teased its handset, which helped it get more and more notoriety. Without a question, Nothing One is a really good phone with exciting features, and its launch ended up being successful. The issue here is that the device has received a regular series of upgrades, but when will Phone 1 get Android 13? Recently, Carl Pei responded in a somewhat meaningless manner to a Twitter user who posed this exact query.

When Will Nothing Phone 1 Get Android 13??

Nothing has officially confirmed that the company’s first phone would receive the Android 13 update in H1 2023, according to the most recent reports.

It is clear that declaring that a product is “more than just its specs, features, and version numbers” did not provide a satisfactory response to the issue. Nothing’s Phone, the eagerly awaited smartphone, is currently going through a difficult updating scenario. It is important to note that, in the nearly month after its release, the Phone (1) has already received three OTA upgrades that introduced functionality and repaired bugs.

Why It Seems Disappointing that Android 13 Is Coming To Nothing Next Year?

The Phone 1 now runs an almost vanilla version of Android 12, but it won’t get Android 13 any time soon, not even in the next four months. The company has encountered a number of roadblocks since the release of the Phone, including several software faults, poor manufacturing quality, and an inaccurate description of the phone’s specifications, such as peak brightness levels. Therefore, it is disappointing for customers who spent money to purchase Nothing’s first phone.

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