New Patent Surfaced Online Showing Google Foldable Phone With Bezel Camera

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New Patent Surfaced Online Showing Google Foldable Phone With Bezel Camera

 Many reports had been circulating around the eagerly anticipated Google foldable phone. A published patent that just appeared online at least corroborated a rumour about the impending device and the unusual positioning of one of its cameras. Do you desire more information on it? Let’s get going.

Google Foldable Phone Will Boast A Bezel Camera

The next phone’s camera will be its most intriguing feature. The most recent patent suggests that the Google Foldable phone will have a camera on the bezel, or frame. Additionally, the camera’s patent description reads as follows:

“A camera with an aperture set within the second assembly’s bezel around the flexible continuous display.”

It should go without saying that the bezel needs to be thick and have some sort of hollow in order for the camera to function properly when inside the frame and to prevent corrosion damage while the phone is folded. The thickness of the bezels is validated by the patent. However, it is still challenging to determine whether a cavity will exist where if the camera will be fixed to the frame. A punch-hole or under-display camera may be worked around by placing the camera inside the frame. Let’s see, we still don’t have any terminology for the cavity.

According to the patent, the phone resembles Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold. The photos show a striking resemblance to the Galaxy Z Fold. Google’s foldable computer could have a tablet-like shape with a comparable hinge. Unfortunately, the patent omits showing the handset’s back. According to reports, the camera configuration on the back will probably resemble that of the Pixel 7 Pro. It suggests that we are looking at a back with numerous cameras and a visor-like appearance on it. There has not yet been any public statements made about the handset. See what happens after that. Watch this space for additional developments.

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