Mobile Operators Offer Free Calls in Flood-Affected Areas

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Mobile Operators Offer Free Calls in Flood-Affected Areas

 Cellular mobile operators will provide all consumers in flood-affected areas with zero or no balance with free on-net phone calls.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority states that there won’t be any call setup costs and that users with no balance can make on-net calls.

PTA continuously monitors communication lines in affected areas to guarantee connectivity and deliver information as required.

Press Statement: PTA & Cellular Mobile Operators stand side by side with the flood-affected people in this hour of need and tragedy. All of their subscribers in flood-affected areas will receive free phone calls (on the same network or on-net) if their balances are zero or negative from CMOs.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) added that it will keep an eye on the lines of communication in the flood-affected areas, ensuring connectivity and disseminating information as required.

Jazz has announced that it will give customers free minutes for Jazz-Jazz and Jazz-PTCL discussions in the interim in order to aid people in flood-affected areas and continue relief efforts.

Donate to the Flood Relief Fund by SMS

Additionally, the PTA has disclosed the 9999 SMS code for Flood Relief Donations, which enables mobile users to donate money to the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund 2022, which will support individuals affected by devastating floods around the nation.

By sending an SMS to “9999” with the keyword “fund” in it, you can use the service to make a Rs. 10 donation.

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