Minecraft Player Achieves an Amazing Feat by Walking to the End of Map

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Minecraft Player Achieves an Amazing Feat by Walking to the End of Map

 By just going to the end of the dynamically generated map in the game, a player of Minecraft achieved a feat never before seen. On January 31, 2021, Mystical Midget, a Twitch streamer, started the epic voyage that would lead to the demise of Minecraft, as Jake Lucky noted on Twitter. Since then, he has played for 2,500 hours and walked 32,000,000 blocks. The broadcaster is using an outdated Minecraft Beta build, just like many other participants in the challenge. He was especially utilising the 11-year-old Minecraft Beta 1.7.3.

The streamer’s pals clapped for him when he reached the goal. Though you don’t see much of it because the streamer’s character is focused on their feet, when players stretch Minecraft’s technical boundaries, the game’s engine struggles to load in all the surrounding textures.

Minecraft Player Achieves an Amazing Feat by Walking for 2500 Hours

The streamer’s avatar repeatedly utters the trademark “oof!” sound from Minecraft before passing away as the audience celebrates. Eventually, the game loses, and the streamer tumbles over the earth, drowning in general emptiness.

Some of the most committed fans of the game enjoy exploring the capabilities of the randomly generated map in Minecraft. The journey to the “Far Lands” in Minecraft isn’t about getting there; rather, it’s about getting to a point where a bug starts to alter the landscape all around you.

If you make it that far, you’ll have to cross 12 million blocks before you witness the glitch, which is only present in some older versions of Minecraft.

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