Markiplier reveals how his tumor removal led to the beginning of YouTube career

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Markiplier reveals how his tumor removal led to the beginning of YouTube career


Markiplier, a well-known YouTuber, explained how a tumour removal procedure he had early in life sparked the start of his online career.

Popular American YouTuber Mark Edward Fischbach, also known online as Markiplier, has been posting videos to the website for more than ten years. He currently has over 33 million subscribers on his YouTube account, and every new video receives more than a million views every day.

Logan Paul and the rest of the cast of IMPAULSIVE got down with Markiplier to talk about a variety of subjects on the most recent episode. Markiplier was completely open in the interview about his path to being a YouTuber and how a serious “health crisis” inspired him to pursue his aspirations of becoming a content producer.

Markiplier said, “I had a tumour in my adrenal gland. “I recall receiving a biopsy while lying on a table for a CT scan. OMG, this is genuine, this isn’t a joke, I exclaimed. Fortunately, the lump I had removed was not malignant.

Then Mark explained that his first thought after this health issue was to consider how little he had done up to that point in his life to control his own life. “Holy sh*t, I have done nothing to control the course of my life,” I thought while in the hospital.

Markiplier talks about how his life completely changed once his tumour was removed and how this reevaluation led to his beginning on YouTube.

I started doing YouTube at that point, when I was in my fourth year of engineering school, because I thought, “I need to do something that I genuinely love and enjoy.”

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Markiplier has built a content empire in the more than ten years since then. Of course, he has a YouTube channel, but he also contributes to podcasts, TV shows, and other online media.

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