Knights of The Old Republic Remake Delayed Indefinitely

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Knights of The Old Republic Remake Delayed Indefinitely

 The Knights of the Old Republic remake has been postponed indefinitely, much to the disappointment of many Star Wars and Knights of the Old Republic fans who had been anticipating it.

When the first Bioware video game was released in 2003, it took Star Wars in a brand-new direction. The game was truly ahead of its time with its captivating narrative and intricate characters and settings. No other video game set in the Star Wars universe has amassed a following as devoted as KOTOR.

However, Aspyr Media, an Austin, Texas-based video game developer, recently declared that the game would be postponed indefinitely until the group could decide on the title’s future course. Last month, the firm abruptly sacked the directors of art and design, indicating the Knights of the Old Republic is going through internal problems.

According to a Bloomberg article, Aspyr Media had prepared a vertical slice of KOTOR to display both Sony and Lucasfilm. The crew was pleased with the sample they had produced and had high hopes for the path the remake would take. However, it appears that the demo did not meet expectations for quality and was not warmly welcomed internally. The research also noted that the pace of development was unsustainable, with time and expenses playing a major role issues.

There’s a good chance that the game is in the midst of a protracted period of development hell. The new anticipated release window is 2025; the original intended launch window was later this year.

The KOTOR Delay Might Be Good For Star Wars Fans

If it had continued on its current course, the Knights of the Old Republic remake might have failed entirely. This delay might be Sony’s way of making sure that the game’s quality is not sacrificed in the name of a quick release.

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While no one enjoys long waits for their favourite games, there are instances when delays are unavoidable, and it is a good thing when developers are open with their fans.

While waiting, gamers may look forward to other Star Wars games like Jedi Survivor. Even though it wasn’t a remake of a classic, fans and critics alike enjoyed the first game, Jedi Fallen Order.

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