iPhone 14 mini appears on the list of upcoming Apple devices

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iPhone 14 mini appears on the list of upcoming Apple devices

 It was widely believed that an iPhone 14 Max SKU had taken the place of an iPhone 14 small model.

An iPhone 14 small is mentioned among seven Apple products that are rumoured to be coming out in the next few weeks. The fact that a trustworthy and well-known leaker provided the list suggests that an Apple iPhone 14 mini may be in the works while a different iPhone 14 model is released.

Take this stunning leak with a grain of salt because it comes just a few weeks before Apple is anticipated to release its iPhone 14 series. For quite some time, the majority of media sites have concurred that Apple’s 2022 iPhone range will include the normal iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Max, the iPhone 14 Pro, and with the 14 Pro Max iPhone. Evan Blass claims that the iPhone 14 small will take the place of the iPhone 14 Max in that range.

Even if there are rumours that the iPhone 13 mini didn’t meet sales projections, it would be a great surprise if an Apple iPhone 14 tiny kept the anticipated iPhone 14 Max out of the lineup. However, there are plenty of ecstatic fans who don’t want to see Cupertino discontinue the mini series. It has been demonstrated before that Apple can metaphorically pull rabbits out of hats, so if this were to be accomplished, it would be quite an achievement.

There have been numerous stories about the rumoured M2 iPad Pro and the entry-level Apple iPad 10 tablet, both of which have been seen in public on this specific list of “channel-partners” could indicate that they will be made available soon.

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